Get Soup – Not just for soup!


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Are you hungry tonight? Are you traveling on a strict budget and would like to find a community kitchen? Are you standing in front of a fellow who is asking you for a bite to eat? Did you recently locate an out of the way soup kitchen or lower cost kitchen in your area, and you’d like to share the location?

If so, GetSoup is for you… and for your neighbor!

GetSoup is a crowd sourced implementation of the neighborly “Hey man, I have a place for you to eat” chat. But it is more. GetSoup is also used for any services that are available.

  • Need to clean your clothes, but don’t have much money? GetSoup helps you locate public services specifically to help those in need.
  • Need to get more clothes, because your socks and shoes are wet? GetSoup helps you locate sharing centers that can provide you with assistance.
  • Need to find a food pantry? GetSoup can help locate that pantry!
  • Need to shower? GetSoup can help locate shower facilities.
  • Need a hot cup of coffee and just some companionship? GetSoup can find local areas where you will be welcome.
  • Need to eat? Yes, GetSoup can even help you find a meal site — a “soup kitchen”, or a community kitchen